Advantage of Products Technology

All-in-one Solution

Prefab Bathroom Unit

Prefab Bathroom Unit is a one-stop solution of using new high-tech materials to produce the whole bathroom floors, walls and ceilings, with dry construction. It integrates the functions of washing, toileting, showering and other sanitary facilities, can be installed only within four hours.

Fast Installation

Quick installation in 4 hours

Using dry construction and "building blocks" installation, a complete bathroom can be installed in 4 hours.

New-tech Materials

  • Easy to Clean

    Energy Saving and Low Carbon

    Heat Insulation, Heat Preservation

    High Hardness, Wear-resistance

    Long Service Life


    Easy to Clean

    SMC products have high density,smooth surface, no micro porous, easy to clean,effecticely prevent bacterial from reproduction.

    Energy Saving and Low Carbon

    SMC products have good performance of thermal insulation no need to install radiator. SMC products are totally green products without toxic and peculiar smell, the release of carbon is much lower than tile products in the whole process of raw material, production, assembling and usage.

    Heat Insulation, Heat Preservation

    Prefab bathroom unit's material is the same as air plane cabinet.The glass fiber material is added to the coating to reduce heat loss, prevent heat conduction and heat radiation, so as to achieve the effect of heat preservation.

    High Hardness, Wear-resistance

    SMC products are produced by 2500 tons pressing machine and precision steel mold under high temperature and pressure.

    Long Service Life

    SMC material has long service life,making sure bathroom units can normal use over 20 years,whice is far more than common family decoration cycle.


    SMC material is gentle with light weight & high strength.While standing on the antislip floor, we will be not easy to fall down. It's safe and reliable.

Anti-return Odor, No Blocking

Whirlpool drain

The whirlpool drain is mold in one piece.

It’s detachable, and designed with a whirlpool type drainage structure. The triple filter can avoid hair clogging and facilitate cleaning.

With a 50-70mm drain water seal, it prevents the smelly from the sewage pipes.

Order-resistant and keep the air fresh.

Drainage System

  • Horizontal Drainage

    Installation elevation(Horizontal drain style):

    H≥h(wall board height)+600mm/650mm(ceiling、aplliance & watersupply pipe height and base panel height+250/300mm)

  • Vertical Drainage

    Installation elevation(Vertical drain style):

    H≥h(wall board height)+600mm(ceiling、aplliance & watersupply pipe height and base panel height)

Customized Packaging For Easy Delivery

All-in-one Solution Fast Installation New-tech Materials Anti-return Odor No Blocking Customized Packaging For Easy Delivery