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  • Q: What are the prefab bathroom units made of?

    A: Sheeting Mold Compound (SMC), high strength and waterproof, the same material as air plane cabinet.

  • Q: How do I know which prefab bathroom unit will fit?

    A: Please leave message to us or call us for advice a free consultation(+86-512-6272-0236).

  • Q: How can we move the prefab bathroom units through doorways and upstairs?

    A: They are supplied loose in piece and are assembled together on site. Can easy to be moved in flatpack.

  • Q: Will I need builders to install the units or can I do it myself?

    A: Your choice. Many competent DIYers do install these units themselves. You'll need moderate skills in plumbing and general building. Contact us for detailed advice.

  • Q: What are these units most suitable for?

    A: Such as real estate, hotels, apartments, modular houses, hospitals, cruise, and all kinds of places that require prefab bathroom units.

  • Q: Are all the sanitary ware and fittings included?

    A: Yes! All the fittings in the pictures are included along with the electrical items.

  • Q: Are your prefab bathroom units completely watertight?

    A: Yes. Completely. Cozy has a history of more than 14 years, with more than 40 product production lines. The product technology is skilled and all products are molded by one-piece, so the waterproof performance is excellent.

  • Q: How long does installation take?

    A: Generally, the installation can be completed in 4 hours with two skilled workers. For non-standard customized products, it may be necessary according to the specific product.